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About Rachel Powell Writing & Editing

My name is Rachel Powell; I’m the mother of two amazing daughters, wife to the love of my life, and “pawrent” to two dogs and a cat! I work at home, taking care of the kids by day and writing for my own brand and clients whenever I have free time.

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I was born and raised in Southern Maine, where I was homeschooled by my mother. At the University of Southern Maine, I worked hard to get a Bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in human biology (I graduated in December of 2016) but quickly discovered that my passion lied in writing, editing, and raising a family.


My husband and I lived in West Virginia from June of 2019 to July of 2021; we moved back to Maine (our home state) after a family member passed away.

Rachel Powell Writing & Editing

After a couple of years working for clients through Fiverr, I decided I wanted to go out on my own and work directly for my clients. I’ve developed my brand (slowly!) and am in the process of carving out what my niche should be; meanwhile, I’ll take any and all projects that you have.

Kiera / Kenna

Kenna / Kiera

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Right now, my main focus is copywriting; this makes up the majority of my orders. For more information about what copywriting entails, check out this blog post from June 2021.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not always enough to just write great content for businesses and brands – you have to also know how to play the SEO game. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, so I have a great handle on what the search engines want from your content.


I’m also open to editing projects, large or small. If you need a novel edited prior to publishing or greeting cards given a once-over, I’m your gal!

Work With Me

I honestly believe that it’s best to pick one content creator or copywriter for all of your website’s needs. This way, all of the content will flow together perfectly and nothing will seem out of place. Feel free to reach out to me at my business phone number (304) 397-0855 or schedule a no-obligation consultation on my Calendly scheduling page. This page is also where you can schedule different posts and editing jobs for delivery whenever you need them.

Include your phone number if you would like me to call you.