Copywriter for Hire in Lewiston, Maine

Are you a small business in the Lewiston, Maine area who is looking for a copywriter? Before you jump onto Fiverr or Upwork, hear me out. If you would like a local copywriter for hire, contact me for more information or jump right in and make your first order. I offer 20% off for customers who place their first order with me, but I also offer 20% off for local clients. While I don’t necessarily focus only on local clients, I’d really like to write for a local business if that’s their cup of tea. #supportlocalbusinesses!

A Bit About Rachel Powell

You can read a bit more on my about page, but the basic rundown is that I was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine and was homeschooled by my mom for all but a year and a half of elementary school. My mom instilled in me a passion (and unrelenting eye) for all things grammar and syntax, and it has persisted to this day!

My Previous Work History

I worked in food service for about five years, then in IT customer service for a couple of years. None of that is incredibly relevant to my copywriting career, but customer service experience is always a plus, ya know? Plus, I’d say my persuasion factor is pretty high – I have two little ones that always seem to want to do things they shouldn’t!

In 2018, I started my online “career” when I started my mommy blog (now deleted, sorry) and marketed that all on my own. I was actually doing pretty well if I social networked every day, but my blog never reached “coasting” and hands-off status. That was taking too much effort, so I decided to try my hands at Fiverr gigs. I started with logo creation, but soon decided that writing for other people was more my speed. I discovered that I love copywriting and haven’t looked back since. In 2020 I got off Fiverr and created my own brand, the brand you see here! You can read more about my freelancing journey here.

My Education

Aside from being taught all the way through high school by my grammar nerd mother, I also went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Human Biology from the University of Southern Maine. I love biological topics, and my time in undergraduate school taught me many great things about reading, comprehending, and citing peer-reviewed research articles. They might be dry to some, but I love reading them (I know, weird).

Copywriter for Hire: Lewiston, Maine

If you’re looking to hire a writer or are looking for a copywriter for hire in the Lewiston, Maine area, Let’s chat! Here’s some information about what I’m looking for in a client. We would work together in a freelance capacity rather than me being a permanent fixture (employee) on your team.

Preferred leads: local businesses, small businesses, minority-led businesses, and eco-friendly businesses

Availability: as much as you can send my way

Freelance only please

Project / Piece basis

For cost information, contact me. I will provide discounts to local businesses in Lewiston, Maine. If you need a website, I have a contact.

-Rachel Powell