Copywriting Brief: How to Create a Comprehensive One

If you’re a business owner or content director for a business, you’ll know that written text-based “copy” is incredibly important for the success of your marketing campaigns. When it comes to developing copy, you may see mention of something called a “copywriting brief.” Let’s take a look at what a copywriting brief is, what to include in a copywriting brief, and why the copywriting brief is so important to the copywriter you send it to.

What Is a Copywriting Brief?

When you request content from your copywriter, they will usually request that you fill out a “copywriting brief.” This is a detailed, in-depth discussion about what you envision your content to be like, once finished. This brief can contain bullet point lists, resources like research articles you’ve found, or a reference blog post from a competitor. The type of information you send your copywriter isn’t as important as the quality of direction you provide to them.

Writers are only human, and the content they develop you will be an interpretation of what you send them. If you want to get the best first draft possible, send your copywriter a comprehensive brief with little room for false interpretation.

7 Critical Components of a GOOD Copywriting Brief:

A Working Title

Your copywriter will likely come up with a better, more engaging headline or title for your content anyway; however, a title is a concise summary of the post’s contents. A great title gives your copywriter more information than you realize!

Any SEO Keywords You Need

Your copywriter will need to know exactly what keywords you want to target so that they can insert them into the text without it feeling forced. If you want your writer to do the SEO research for you, keep in mind that you will likely be charged more and you may also need to hire a copywriter who is well-versed in marketing techniques, as well.

Desired Word Count

You should also include the desired word count in the brief you send to your copywriter. Most writers use this as a guide, but may go over or under your target word count depending on the broadness or specificity of your topic. For blog posts, 600-1500 words is a good target number, while product descriptions might be closer to 200. Skyscraper posts can be several thousand words long, due to the nature of the content. Case studies will probably take up 750-1000 words.

The Goal of Your Piece

In order to satisfy you with the piece, your copywriter will also need to know what the goal of the piece should be. Every piece of copywriting should be written with a goal in mind. Some goals include: making a sale, informing on a topic, initiating social media sharing, motivating, or raising awareness.

The Target Audience

Another thing your copywriter will need to know is whom to speak to within the piece. The target audience is your ideal client. Describing this ideal client, including demographics like gender, age, race, and location will help your copywriter develop a piece that resonates well with your intended audience.

A Summary of the Topic

The headline will give your copywriter an idea about the main idea that should run throughout the piece, but a good summary of the points you want them to hit can be extremely helpful. Your writer will still do their own research and add relevant links, but your additional direction can be the difference between receiving a post you weren’t imagining and one that is exactly what you wanted.

A List of Resources or References

If you want something specific used for reference or research, say so. You can include this information in your summary of the topic you want written about.

A Summary of the Copywriting Brief

First, remember that the information you give your writer determines how well they meet your needs. Providing a comprehensive copywriting brief will ensure that you get exactly what you were envisioning. For an example about what a copywriter may ask you for, check out my Copywriting Order Request Form!

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