Evergreen & Skyscraper Content


Evergreen content stands the test of time.  Your text will always be relevant to search engines, ensuring views for years.


Skyscrapers are massive, all-encompassing posts that answer every question a reader could have.  These are backlink heaven.


These long-form posts are ideal for brands who want to establish their undeniable expertise in one area.

The Skyscraper Approach

By creating long-form, all-encompassing content that has eternal relevance, this SEO tool will bring you consistent views. Simply advertise, share on social media, and wait for backlinks.

Ask Questions

Skyscraper posts answer as many questions as possible that the reader may have on the topic.  Sections are linked in a table of contents for easy access.

Intense Research

Since skyscraper content is meant to be all-encompassing, you can rest assured that I will be doing a ton of research.  After all, we want your brand to look like an expert.


This content is nearly-academic in its content, so we want it to look and feel that way!  All sources will be cited with whichever method you request for your website.

Word Count

Packages start at 2500 words.  For more nuanced, broad topics, a longer word count would do your content more justice.  If you aren’t sure which to pick, contact me.