What Do You Charge?

Here’s the thing:

Your project is unique, so it’s impossible for me to set standard prices or packages. I tried doing this and there was no rhyme or reason. The time spent on each project was always too much or too little to justify the sticker price.

So, I started charging per 50 words for all of my content. On average, I charge $4.00 per 50 words for writing content. Editing comes in at about half of that price. If you want SEO optimization for your content, you’ll pay around 20% more than for un-optimized content.

To learn more about all of the things that may affect your final quote amount, check out: What Does Copywriting Cost?

Is All Content Search Engine Optimized?

Not necessarily. You have to request this for each project you send to me. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time and requires that I do research about your business niche and popular search topics.

SEO will also cost you a bit more than un-optimized content. Generally, you can expect SEO content to run you about 20% more.

How Long Does an Order Take?

Depending on your project, I can turn something around in as little as 24 hours — usually. Sometimes, I have a backlog that I need to work through, and it’s first come, first serve.

When you send your order request to me, I will look at my schedule and let you know when the soonest date I have available. Sometimes this will be on a weekend.

Can I Get an ASAP or Weekend Delivery?


For ASAP or weekend deliveries, you will pay 1.5x the base amount. This is because I try to keep weekends free for my family. ASAP work can be worked in, but I’m going to need to alter my schedule.

To avoid paying out of pocket for ASAP or weekend fees, send me your projects before they are due or overdue.

Can I Do a Bulk Order?

Yes! And I offer discounts, too.

I encourage all of my clients to send me their work in bulk — it encourages both you and me to schedule ahead and keep things trucking along at a good pace.

You will get a 10% discount on three or more projects ordered at once for the upcoming week.

You will get a 20% discount on five or more projects ordered at the same time for the upcoming two weeks.

Do You Have a New Customer Discount?

I sure do!

New customers will receive 50% off their first order. So, if you’d like to try me out as a writer, there’s much less risk involved.

I understand that it’s really hard to get to know a ghostwriter through their portfolio and I try to make the barrier for becoming a customer as small as possible.

Where Is Your Portfolio?

If you’re looking for the work I’ve done, I can email it to you. Everything on this website was also written by me.

Keep in mind that I’m a ghostwriter so my work does not have my name on it.

This is the name of the game for this line of work. I don’t have my end-clients listed on my website because that’s a conflict of interest.

If you’d like to see my portfolio, send me a Portfolio Request. I’ll try to get back to you ASAP with the file.

What Kind of Education Do You Have?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Biology from the University of Southern Maine. I also took many psychology classes as electives.

I was homeschooled by my mother all the way through high school. We share a love of grammar and syntax that seems unparalleled (at least as far as I’ve seen in others!).

Do You Use AI to Write Your Content?

Not for writing my content, no. Not even for outlining.

I do, occasionally use AI to come up with topics if you don’t provide them to me. Topic generation takes a lot of time that, on my end, is better spent writing the actual text. To read more about how I feel about AI, check out The Future of Copywriting, According to Bard… and Me.

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