Ordering Process and FAQ

Simple 5-Step Process

  1. Check out my current availability, then pick what kind of service you need from my homepage.
  2. Fill out the form to the best of your ability – this will help me quote you an accurate price. Submit the request form. Additional information and documents can be sent to [email protected].
  3. Wait for my reply to the automatic submission. If I have any questions or need clarification I will call or text you. My reply will contain one or two suggestions for a delivery date and a PayPal estimate (for more information about how these work, visit this help article) for your project.
    • Sometimes my soonest delivery availability will fall on a weekend or during a planned vacation. I charge time and a half for weekends and vacation work. I will list both the weekend/vacation option and the soonest weekday delivery option in my reply. You can choose the option that works best for you.
  4. If everything looks good, you can “accept” the estimate that I sent you. This is your way of saying “yes, I would like to proceed with the project.” I will then convert our agreed-upon estimate into a PayPal Business Invoice and assign a due date for it. If you are ordering a large project, I may ask that you put a certain amount down to reserve your time.
    • I create PayPal invoices as a business. This means that I pay a fee for transaction protection. We’re both covered if something happens, but I’ve never had to process a single refund!
  5. Next, I will send you a calendar invite (or multiple) that reserves all of the time I will need to complete your project – this is for my use only. Please accept these calendar invites; if they conflict with other items in your calendar, simply change your status with me to “available” rather than “busy.”

While you await delivery, please consider paying part or all of your invoice. Payment is due in full the business day after delivery. If you need any (free!) revisions we will work on those after delivery and after your payment has been processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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