Weekend Availability for Copywriting & Copyediting

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To my current and prospective clients:

I’ve made a decision to alter weekend availability after struggling for some time with my ability to work on weekends. As some of you may know, I am a stay-at-home mom first and foremost to two beautiful, young girls. My oldest is almost four at this time, and she’s becoming more and more independent each day.

I do, however, also have an 8-month-old who has taken to attachment parenting – this makes it difficult to get much of anything done during the day, much less writing posts and editing text! This is why I do my writing at night after my husband is finished with his 8-5 job. Even so, this leaves little time for us to catch up and be together as partners.

Weekends are our time to rest and recover for the week ahead; as parents, weekends tend to lack the relaxation that we hope for during the week – and we’ve come to accept and acknowledge that. This means that I have to plan and schedule accordingly so that I have enough self-care time to stay sane for my kids!

Bearing all of this in mind, I’m changing my weekend hourly rate to time and a half – weekday rates remain unchanged. I don’t want to be completely unavailable during the weekends; however, these new time slots will be a bit more valuable. I appreciate all of your business, kind words, and outstanding reviews. As my children get older and require less direct input from me on a minute-by-minute basis, I hope to expand my availability to 20 hours per week.

For now, though, keep the new projects coming and I’ll fit them in where I can!

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