Copywriting & Copyediting Services

General Copywriting

Blog posts, recipe posts, news updates, & more. Up to 2000 words.

Case Studies

A story covering a client’s recent great experience with your business.

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2000+ words about a topic related to your website. Designed for SEO.

Video Scripts

Get personally-curated text to send to your favorite video creator.

Social Media

Writing posts can get tiring: hire it out to a copywriter, then copy/paste the text!

Website Text

New website with dummy text? No problem. Let’s get you some SEO content.

General Copyediting

SEO checks, grammar checks, syntax checks, & spelling checks.

Large Edits

Do you have a book, novel, skyscraper, or eBook that needs to be edited?

Advertisement Copy

Need to start a new Google Ads campaign? I’ll get you all the text you need to make it happen.

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Not Sure What to Order?

Contact me with the details for your specific project. We’ll work something out.