Why Do I Need a Website? Here’s 5 Important Reasons

Okay – we’re now well into 2021 and COVID-19 is just now starting to look like it might become a memory. However, we’ve all learned some valuable lessons from the hardship that the pandemic has caused. Namely, companies have realized just how important a virtual storefront can be, even if they didn’t rely on one before April of 2020. So, you might be asking, why do I need a website?

I think we all agree that a website is not just important but critical to your business’s online success. It stands to reason, then, that your website should meet certain standards in order for it to be successful. After all, what are websites for if not to sell your services and products? Let’s take a look at why your small business needs a kickass website.

Why Do I Need a Website?

A Kickass Website Will Help Establish Your Brand

The era we currently exist in is an extremely digital one. If you can’t be found on the internet, you might as well not exist at all – by the majority of customers’ standards. Having an accessible, kickass website proves to customers that you can both identify yourself as a brand and consolidate your services into an easily digestible format.

Your Website Shows Legitimacy

There’s a perfectly good reason that scammers and phishers like to create false copies of respectable websites. Consumers put a lot of faith in a company’s website, often neglecting the privacy policy and terms of service. Don’t take for granted how much weight your website carries!

It’s a Place to Buy Your SMB’s Stuff

The only exception to this rule I can foresee is the business that operates a physical location where they do all of their business: tax consultants, car dealerships… etc. Most other businesses ship their products or sell online services in digital format. By developing a kickass website, you create a digital storefront from which customers can purchase your goods. Even if you don’t offer purchases through your website, you can still keep track of inventory for your clients who want to know what’s in stock before visiting you.

To Get Discoverable Online

Consumers are likely to research via Google or Bing before they go out to or purchase from a new business. If your business doesn’t appear when related keywords are searched for, you’re missing out on a whole piece of the new clientele pie. Now, SEO is a whole different ballgame, but it ties directly into your website’s content; working with a website developer who knows their stuff is critical.

A Kickass Website Is a Place to Post Great Content

As any SEO expert will tell you, it’s important that you add content to your website at least once a month. Some business types will benefit from a more frequent schedule, but the majority of businesses do well with one post per month. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a virtual storefront to connect that content to, you’re missing out on a bunch of leads. By posting blogs and updates, you can generate interest in your products and services – all while increasing the keyword density for your kickass website.

Snellville Websites

One of my clients is a website designer in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. At Snellville Websites, you can be sure that your website will have reliable hosting, a clean design, and all of the functionality that your business needs from a site. Get online and get found: schedule a free consultation today!

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