Why Use Google Docs? Here’s Why I LOVE It…

For a long time, Microsoft Office dominated the at-home word processing realm. Google, however, has slowly been gaining my trust and proving its worth as the ultimate on-the-go document processor. With Google Docs, I can work offline, share directly with clients, and work simultaneously with them as necessary. Ok, so why use Google Docs in the first place?

Why Use Google Docs?

It’s Free

Not only is it free to me, but it’s also free to all of my clients – and their clients. Why hide content behind a complicated save and open transfer, or worse – risking your clients being unable to open the content they paid for? Clients can download Google Docs files in whatever file format they choose, or simply copy and paste the text from one browser tab to another.

Transfer of Ownership

As long as you share a Gmail account with me when you order your content, I’ll be able to transfer the ownership of the Google Docs file into your name. This is a simple act that says much more than it appears to. By purchasing content from a ghostwriter like me, the text that I generate becomes yours. You have the legal rights to the content, simply put. By transferring ownership of the document, we solidify that concept.

Once the document is transferred, I will remain an “editor” on the document, by default. I cannot remove myself, but you can do so if you’d like – I won’t be offended!

We Can Collaborate in Google Docs

Sometimes, it can help to look at the same content at the same time and make changes on the fly. If you have questions about the text I send you, open up your file, give me a call (all of my clients get access to my personal phone number), and we’ll get everything squared away. Plus, we don’t need to send revisions back and forth – what a pain that used to be!

Google Docs Can Save Into Many Formats

Google Docs can save content into the following formats: .docx, .odt, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, a zipped .html, and .epub. This means that you can take the text I wrote (I don’t do any photo additions or extraneous formatting) and get it ready for print or download. Eliminate the steps of copying from a word document and losing all of the heading formatting!

Everything Is in the Cloud

When you write as many documents as I do, space starts to become an issue very quickly. I work on a Surface Book 3 due to its versatility and portability as a tablet and full Windows 10 PC. Its portability, however, means that I don’t have a lot of storage space, and I don’t have the patience to deal with external hard drives and potential data loss – it is 2021 after all.

Instead of struggling with this, I just keep everything in the cloud! This feature also allows me to work on my phone if I need to – like when we lost internet for 48 hours at the end of this winter. As a bonus, cloud storage also means that you can access your files from any device connected to your Google account.

All in all, I think that Google Docs makes the perfect freelance writing tool. If you’d like your files in a different format, simply contact me and let me know.

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