10 Easy Tips for Working From Home More Efficiently

My husband and I are extremely familiar with the “working from home” scene; when we moved to West Virginia in 2019, my husband got to keep the job that he had in Maine and convert to remote work only. Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom by day – naturally, I’ve been working at home for a while. I started “real” working at night in 2018, though; I used to write posts for my mommy blog. From about seven to nine at night, I work on clients’ writing projects after my oldest has gone to sleep.

Working From Home Is Different

I used to work and go to school before the birth of my first daughter. There’s a much different sense of freedom now that my husband and I are both at home. While Jonathan has a standard 8-4:30 job with a technology company, I’m a freelancer. Freelancers are the ultimate work from home employees – self-employed, with little structured direction, unless they set it for themselves. We may not get benefits, but our work schedule is only as hectic as we let it get. The downside to any remote work position, though, is managing to stay on task!

Staying Productive

Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to encouraging productivity. For me, I like to set deadlines, plan my weekly schedule, and remember to prioritize the right things. In my position, my first priority is the kiddos – making sure they are fed, loved, and taken care of. Secondly, the house enters my mind. My husband and I tag-team lots of things, but keeping the house clean is mostly my ballgame. Finally, from about 6:00 to 9:00 Monday through Friday (sometimes on weekends), I focus on my clients.

10 Tips for Avoiding Burnout While Working From Home

  1. Schedule your tasks and set deadlines to help you achieve goals.
  2. Take regular breaks to get up, stretch, use the restroom, and grab something to drink.
  3. TAKE YOUR LUNCH away from your desk; meet up with the family or call a family member.
  4. Connect with your boss once a week, even if he or she doesn’t connect with you.
  5. Be self-aware of your mental health, and take a day to recover if you need to.
  6. Get out and socialize, get some sunshine, and get some exercise every day.
  7. Take vacations that aren’t entirely in your home where you work.
  8. Have a separate office space dedicated to work – keep your personal and work computer separated.
  9. If you use a computer screen for work all day, try to limit off-hours screen time.
  10. STOP CHECKING YOUR WORK EMAIL when you are off the clock (unless your position requires it).

Above all, know your limits! Working from home can be a drain or a boost to your psyche, depending on your personality. Since both my husband and I are introverts, we love working from home. Staying on track and being productive come naturally when you take care of yourself both at work and away from it.

Are You a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur in Maine?

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